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Carol Marzouk 
CEO/Chief Executive Lion Tamer, Leadership 'n' Soul

Transforming behavior, relationships, and culture are key to a successful workplace environment. Leadership ‘n’ Soul was founded on the principle that nobody has to endure a toxic boss, toxic employees, or toxic workplace, and employing “simple, effective, time-tested methodologies” will be transformative. Carol’s mission is to inspire, train, educate, and coach executives to operate with a conscience, and put in place a process that "allows employees to be 100% psychologically committed to the success of the company.” A bilingual behavior strategist, speaker, certified coach, and expert on employee engagement, Carol earned a Psychology degree from UCLA, Psychology of Leadership from Cornell Graduate School of Management, and various Executive Coaching and OD certifications from DePaul University and the ICF-accredited Center for Executive Coaching.

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